I spent my childhood dreaming of dragons… and much of my adult life painting them. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, and took many classes on it from elementary through high school. However, it wasn’t until I tried her Wacom Bamboo Digital Tablet and Pen in Photoshop that I truly found my medium. Since then, my passion for visual arts has reached new levels as I bring my visions to life on the computer screen. Below, you will find all the posts from my art blog. You can also check out my full portfolio site: MyDragonAteMyHomework.com.



Products of this Piece:
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Artwork at the Del Mar Fair

I’m pleased to announce that two of my paintings, Steampunk Geisha  and Inspiration, made it to the finals at the Del Mar Fair’s competitive fine art exhibit. They will be on display through the end of the fair on July 5. I am honored to be included in the exhibit, and … Read more…
Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)

Video: Making of “Story Time”

Sped up screen capture of me painting “Story Time,” which is the first piece in my cartoon drawing series “Single Mother of Dragons” based on Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons from Game of Thrones. I relied very heavily on the Photoshop pen tool for this piece, but I cut out a lot of that, since … Read more
Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)

My Dragon Ate My Homework

This is my first digital painting. The concept popped into my head in 2005 as part of my high school AP Studio Art portfolio: ‘The Blessings and Curses of an Overactive Imagination.’ The first iteration was in colored pencil, but I didn’t feel I had done the concept justice. So, years later, when I purchased […] Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)

First Art Exhibit, Coming Wednesday, Jan 14

I am excited to announce that I will be the featured artist in the upcoming installment of the Survivor Art Series at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Hospital.

There will be an opening event on Wednesday, January 14 from 2:00-3:00pm, and I’ll be giving a talk from 2:15-2:30pm. Coffee and dessert will be served. Seating is extremely limited, so be sure to arrive early if you don’t want to stand.

The event will be held in the Jennifer Diamond Cancer Resource Library, a small patient library located in the Norris Research Tower (NRT), Ground Level (the floor below the lobby), Suite G501. The street address is 1450 Biggy Street in Los Angeles.

There is a parking structure on Biggy Street, with a flat rate, as well as metered parking on the surrounding streets.

After you park, ask for walking directions to the Norris Research Tower, inside the Cancer Center. Please note that the Jennifer Diamond Library is not the same as the medical school.

You can see more details and RSVP at the Facebook event here.

Jennifer Diamond Patient Resource Library at USC Norris Cancer Center

Video: Making of “Mother and Son”

I just launched a new YouTube channel devoted to visual art stuff. Here is the first video on the new channel. It is a screen capture of me painting “Mother and Son,” my fan art piece from the Game of Thrones series. The video is 40 hours of painting sped up to around 4 minutes. Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGOfpMIP-GA]

Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)

Gettin’ Crafty

011Had a fun first day at the Whimsic Alley Craft Faire, and am looking forward to selling there again tomorrow. This is my first (of many) craft fairs. If you’re in the LA area tomorrow, stop by and say hello. If not, never fear! All the items I’m selling (mugs, greeting cards, etc) will be posted to Etsy starting next week for you to peruse at your leisure :)

Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)

This is why I don’t have time to paint!

A couple weeks ago, in order to lessen the chaos in my mind, I decided to jot down all of the various roles required to build a business. In an ideal scenario, each of these roles, would represent a full-time job for an employee (or, in some cases, a team of two or three employees). But since this is not an ideal world, and I do not have mountains of money to hire ten to fifteen minions, I must fill all of these roles myself. So, without further ado… here’s what I do:

Job description: Ongoing maintenance of day-to-day business
• Convention paperwork
• Art show setup/take-down
• Website maintenance
• Comment moderation
• Google Analytics
• E-mail & communication
• Business licensing and permits
• Cleaning/managing the office

Job description: Manage company financials
• Oversee & document finances
• Create a company budget
• File taxes
• Manage cash-flow/Profit & Loss

Job description: Transform art into sellable products
• Adjust original painting to fit individual merchandise design specifications
• Add marketing information to designs
• Proof designs
• Post new products
• Find new companies that produce products we want to sell
• Quality control – make sure end product is up to company standards

Job description: Expand the business
• Website expansion
• New website creation
• Set up stores
• Business plan
• Research and contact distribution outlets

Job description: Promote the business
• Update blog
• Manage social media presence
• Develop branding
• Create marketing materials (business cards, portfolio, etc)
• Create videos

Job description: Make cool stuff.
• Keep making cool stuff.

Source: From the Art Blog (http://MyDragonAteMyHomework.com)