New Technique

I picked up a new technique at an artist demo during Blizzcon a few months back, and have been very happy with it! I thought I would share the result:

Step 1: Sketch

Step 2: Fill in three color levels (shadow, medium tone, highlight)

Step 3: Use the mixer brush tool to blend the edges of the color

Step 4: Add details/textures and polish

Step 5: Profit! (hopefully)
But seriously… check out the prints and merchandise at Society6.


This technique has saved me a boat-load of time. Most of my paintings prior to this one took several months to finish… this one took a week. Now, to be fair, this painting is much less complex than, say, “Steampunk Geisha,” but still, the time saved has been enormous, and I’m looking forward to doing many more paintings this way!

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